Norwegian passports

Applications for renewal of passports are submitted in person at the Embassy. Call the Embassy to make an appointment: 03 740 19 00. The applicant must present a valid or expired Norwegian passport. Applicants who do not hold such passports are required to produce equally secure identification e.g a Norwegian driver’s license. In the latter case, applicants should also bring their certificate o... Read more

If a loss or theft of your valid Norwegian passport occurs in Israel, you must immediately file a report with the Israeli police. The police report needs to be enclosed along with a good quality passport photo when upon production of valid identification, an application for an emergency/replacement passport is submitted in person at the Embassy. For further information on how to apply for a new... Read more

Passport applications are rejected in cases where the name stated does not match the name of the applicant as registered in the National Registry (Folkeregisteret). Read more

Norwegian citizens who were either born abroad or have not since 1964 been residents of Norway, must obtain a personal ID-number before a Norwegian passport can be applied for. Others may be informed of their personal ID-number by calling the Directorate of Taxes on + 47 62 88 23 20. An enquiry for a personal ID-number is directed to the Royal Norwegian Embassy, and must be accompanied by a tru... Read more

A person who acquired Norwegian citizenship at birth, but who has not resided in Norway for a total period of two years or in Norway and other Nordic countries for a total of seven years shall lose his or her Norwegian citizenship upon reaching the age of 22. The period of residence is defined as minimum 6 months. Read more

Information from the Norwegian Directorate of Taxes concerning Norwegian citizenship for persons who emigrated between 1960 and 1975. Read more